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WELL HELLO! It's awfully good to see you here! If you've read this far I want to shake your hand, dear sir. I admire your dedication! To show you how much I look up to you, I'm only going to ask you for ten more minutes of your precious time. Tops! I promise. *crosses heart*

Good, well, now that I have your attention I want to welcome you to the re-opened and improved MOONLIGHTING ICONTEST COMMUNITY! Yes! You heard me. We're open for business again. Business has been slow for the past couple of weeks, months, years, 3 years, a while, but we're back and thriving! Baby detectives gather around, it's time to let those creative juices flow again (Can you even say that in English?)

What I want from you, dear member/visitor, is your creativity. I want you to take that creativity and put it into practice. Create icons! Compete with fellow baby detectives, and here comes the best part: WIN SOME PRIZES!

I've re-opened this community with the intention of bribing you into joining the race. This fandom deserves to be active again. It was brilliant back in the day and it's still brilliant now! even though it's close to 30 years since it ended It deserves more than an inactive community, don't you think? I'm going to make sure that you will have something to compete for beside some shiny banners.


I've decided to introduce a point system to this community. This idea was inspired by another community I'm a member of myself and it helps to keep up with those who win what and why! The point system is as followed:

- 1st price winners receive 50 points
- 2nd price winners receive 40 points
- 3rd price winners receive 30 points
- Best use of text/texture receives 25 points
- Participation only is 10 points

Even if you don't win you still receive points for participation. I will make sure that your points get noted every time you win/participate. A google docs spreadsheet will be uploaded to this community so that you can keep track of your own points as well.

Naturally, all the winners receive shiny banners made by yours truly.

The point of this point system (see what I did there?) is to get YOU to participate and win actual prizes you can cash in during the first week of each month. Around that time I will present the person with the most points with several options they can choose from:

- A 2 month paid account
-  2 months of 70 extra userspics
- 7 dollars in LJ-tokens
- Or a random postal surprise present of 7 dollars I will buy somewhere in Amsterdam
(Yes, that Dutch city where all of the stoned people live and the home of the red-light district). However, I will need your address for this, and it can take up to a week/two weeks for you to receive this present if you're located outside of Europe, or somewhere inside of Europe but not next to the Netherlands.)

Also, winners can only win prizes two months in a row. If you win again in October your points will automatically be added to the person with the most points after you and they will receive the prize. (It's only fair that other participants get a fair shot at winning something too) This does not mean that you can't ever be a winner again. It only means that you can't be a winner more than two times in a row.

There is one catch. Every month there needs to be a minimum of 5 participants and a minimum of 10 voters per
icon-challenge. We want this community to be active again of course! So you're going to need to spur each other on if you want to win those prices. Promote the community if you can, get people to participate. It doesn't matter if you're good at icon making or not, it's more about the fun you'll have winning some of those prizes!


I'm also introducing new challenges.

Aside from the weekly icontests I want to attract a broader group of creative Moonlighting fans. Since I know they're still out there, I've been snooping around.

There will be weekly:
- Fan fiction challenges
- Music video challenges

The point system for these challenges works a little differently.

The Fan Fiction Challenges

For these challenges there needs to be a minimum of 5 participants and a Minimum of 10 voters. The same as the icon-challenge.

However, the point system is different.

- 1st place receives 30 points
- 2nd place receives 20 points
- 3rd place receives 10 points
- Participation is 5 points

There will be no banners for the winners.

the amount of words and theme can differ per challenge. If the word count is higher than 500, extra points will be rewarded to the 3 winners.

These fic challenges will either be weekly challenges or fortnight challenges, depending on the amount of submission/votes this community receives. If it's not popular enough it will eventually disappear. I just wanna give this a shot for the people who still wish to win the prizes but aren't that adapt at making icons. Fic is a great way to express creativity as well!

Fanfiction challenges start every Friday at 10 P.M. UTC and end on Tuesday 10 P.M. UTC. Voting will occur between Tuesdays and Fridays. Three days in total to vote! Voting ends on Friday at 8 P.M. UTC, right before the next challenge is posted.

The Music Video Challenges

These work completely different. Since music videos are harder to make and more time consuming I will allow a minimum of 3 participants per challenge and a minimum of 10 voters.

For the music video challenge there can be just one winner who will receive 70 points! More points since these challenges are more time-consuming. Depending on the amount of submissions/votes these challenges will also be weekly or fortnight
challenges. Just like the fanfiction challenges the music video challenges could disappear if there's not enough submissions for them.

No banners will be made for this challenge either.

Themes will be given by me, or you can leave a comment in the suggestion post! I'd love to have some input from you guys!

Music video challenges start every Saturday at 10 P.M. UTC and end on Thursday 10 P.M. UTC. Voting will occur between Thursdays and Saturdays. Three days in total to vote! Voting ends on Saturday at 8 P.M. UTC, right before the next challenge is posted.

Since you guys have a new mod: leadsisters, some of the old rules have changed.

>> When the challenges are posted you must stay within the limits/dimensions that are given. If you do not, your entry will not be accepted.
>> There will be a different challenge each week. It can be for icons, headers, banners -- any graphics, but also for music videos and fan fiction (NEW)
>> New icon-challenges will be announced on Sundays 10 P.M. UTC, submission will end on Friday 10 P.M. UTC. Voting will occur between Fridays and Sundays. Voting ends on Sunday 8 P.M. UTC, right before the next challenge is announced. Banners for the winners will be posted on Mondays.
>> Challenges will usually last a week. They can be extended to two weeks if not enough entries are submitted.
>> When submitting an entry, you must include the image(s) and the URLS, submit them as a comment to the challenge post.
>> Icons may not be larger than 100x100 pixels.
>> DavidandMaddie.com and this LJ post are good resources for screencaptures and promo pictures
>> Fanart is allowed with credit and permission
>> Sometimes pictures will be provided for you, other times only the theme.
>> Even though this is a stillness community I'm going to allow animated icons, because I'd like to encourage creativity. Also, I love animated icons myself.
>> All forms of photo editing programs are allowed. From paint, to paint shop pro to photoshop, you name it. Use them programs!
>> Everything is allowed concerning the icons, as long as they fit the theme of the week, the caps and the textures provided.
>>  You have to be a member in order to participate
>> You don't have to be a member in order to vote

Please read the rules for each challenge for more specific instructions

If you have any questions, contact leadsisters
You can either PM me or leave a comment anywhere in the community.

If you would like to AFFILIATE, leave a comment to this post